ARU Annual Conferences

Every year we organise a conference that brings Radiologists and subject matter professionals in Medicine together to discuss and brain storm on critical issues in Radiology.

The conference also presents numerous opportunities for Radiologists to network and engage each other in intellectual rapport. And the best part is, It’s not as serious as it sounds. We make sure it’s fun as well.

ARU 15th Annual Conference, 2019

 This year’s theme:
Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Interventional Radiology and Quality Assurance.
Attending the conference?  The following fees are applicable:
Students: 50,000 Ugx
Specialists: 200,000 Ugx
For inquiries, contact:
Rita Nassanga 
Tel: 0774 280446  Email:
Valeria Nabbosa
Tel: 0777 393913   Email: